Rory and Kayla’s wedding day was epic. I don’t throw that word around lightly! Their yacht club wedding on Long Beach Island started out beautiful. Glowy, filtered light streamed into their tented ceremony on the dock. And then during cocktail hour, everything changed. Their sunlit afternoon turned into a nasty, windy storm. A cloud front moved in quickly. Though it provided an epic background for a wedding portrait that suddenly had a doomsday feel, it also shut down their reception for an hour! Vases shattered, the cake nearly toppled.

It makes a great story. It makes for a truly awesome memory for Kayla and Rory. Everything worked out. They had a wedding ceremony that can only be described as beautiful. And though adversity came, the night ended smoothly after all. It’s a fitting marriage story.

long beach island wedding ceremony

This Long Beach Island destination wedding gave Kayla and Rory a lot more than they bargained for!