Sometimes, we just luck out. As a recent Westchester Newborn Photographer (twice!) last month, we are feeling pretty lucky! Joe photographed Eric and Sukanya’s wedding before we joined our businesses five years ago, and then together we photographed Kiran’s newborn photos. Kiran is nearly four years old already! We were so excited to see them blessed with a daughter and even more thrilled when we realized our most recent New York trip coincided with perfect timing for her newborn session. Sukanya was planning on calling us to ask for a new photographer recommendation and instead found out we could be a part of Shyla’s photos!

pdx baby photographer

beaverton baby photographer

As Eric said, they had a whole lot of good things happening at once. He’s a Captain in the FDNY now and had his ceremony just hours before they headed to the hospital to deliver Shyla!
westchester newborn photographer

Eric and Kiran had some fun playtime while Sukanya took a feeding break with Shyla.
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westchester baby photographers

And doesn’t he just adore his newborn baby sister so much! We have a bunch of other photos of him happily holding Shyla, but this “in-between” image is one of my favorites. Kiran loves her but hasn’t quite figured out the whole balancing a baby thing yet.
portland family photos

The light in their kitchen is amazing and was the perfect place for some family photos!
beaverton baby photographer

new york newborn photographer

Another in-between image I adore! Sukanya is trying to calm her a bit while Shyla wears a beautiful Indian skirt meant for her in the toddler years.
indian baby photos

This last image is so perfect, and as it turns out it is Sukanya’s favorite as well as ours! The rug was all Sukanya’s doing and it is so perfect for this Westchester Newborn Photographer.
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We have too many images we wanted to share here. Too, too many. Much love to this growing family!