It’s the age old question – what do you wear in your family portraits? The current season is spring and we love to see spring family portraits! We’re always here to help you organize your family portrait wardrobe via phone of course, but if you’re looking for a quick what to wear guide this is the place for Portland family portraits this spring!

All of the groupings below were sourced from the attributed websites this morning, which means you can currently purchase these exact outfits if you’re not comfortable branching out or don’t have the time to wait. These are really meant to be guides and inspiration, though. They’re starting places for you to outfit your family in the best possible way for your spring portrait sessions. As always, consider your ultimate goal with these photos. Are you planning on hanging them in your living room? If you’ve got a traditional set of furniture and decor in that room, steer your family clothing choices to more neutral options. What to wear for your spring family portraits if you’re making an album with your photographs? This gives you a lot more flexibility to go with bright, bold and modern colors!

The first set of clothing includes choices from The Gap. I chose a neutral, blue-based palette with few deviations. This is the kind of wardrobe you might choose if you’re trying not to stand out. If your portrait location is very busy with lots of textures or lots of colors, you don’t want to compete with the surroundings. Just like the father example in this photo, little pops of color will take this grouping from “matchy” to a good, coordinated look. I’d recommend colored sandals for the daughter example, maybe a colored hat for the son and belt or hair accessory for the mother.

what to wear examples in blue

The second example is a pretty spring color palette for family portraits in Portland. With the cherry blossoms in full bloom right now, a pink and washed color scheme would be appropriate. This wardrobe choice would also be great for family portraits in the woods or on the beach! Gray neutrals such as the mother’s cardigan or simples stripes on the guys keep this color set from looking too coordinated to be natural. Remember when choosing prints, less is more. These outfits are all from Old Navy.

what to wear clothing guide for family portraits

The final set of family portrait clothing is a bit of a mix of the previous two. Zara carries both classic and modern lines, but both stand the test of time very well. I could see this family almost anywhere – a field, a trail, etc. Accessories are key when doing very simple lines!

what to wear for your family  photos

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