When the bride is in fashion, you expect a beautiful collection of dresses to make a showing at the wedding. So when Alex started gushing about her Vera Wang wedding gown, we got a little excited. It wasn’t just the name – she said when she bought it in Boston the store claimed no one else had ever purchased it! Her bridesmaids also all wore Vera Wang, also all filmy, frothy inspirations.

But Alex was excited. She loved the back of her Vera Wang wedding gown most of all. She asked us to take a lot of photos of it and that we did!

vera wang wedding gown at Hall of Springs wedding

There were a lot of other elegant touches at the wedding – Darren was dapper in a bow tie and tux. They chose to have a few different stations of food at their Hall of Springs reception in Sarasota Springs rather than a typical plated meal. Watching the gowned women walk around with cones of fries made for great candids during the reception! And at their ceremony, Darren’s uncle officiated in a beautiful old church.