You might say Michele had much more forethought than the average bride when she booked her wedding at The Carltun and chose Turn Loose the Art as her Carltun wedding photographer. On a day with nonstop rain, she chose to have her wedding all in one place to avoid unnecessary travel between venues. As it turned out, she avoided flash floods as well! Many of our phones started beeping with text warnings of local flash floods as Michele stepped into her wedding gown before the main festivities.

rainy day wedding photos

As Rob, their officiant said, “Every couple’s wedding could have a song, and today’s would be “Singin’ in the Rain.” Much later, Michele’s dad gave a toast with a similar message. “If rain gives your wedding luck, you two will be very lucky in love.”

As it turns out, it didn’t matter than it rained. It was a beautiful wedding filled with memorable moments, surrounded by family and love. Everyone arrived, Randy serenaded his beautiful bride, Michele and nearly her whole family ended up dancing and singing on stage, and even their flower girl scattered rose petals down the aisle as planned.

carltun wedding photographer at eisenhower park