On a balmy Friday afternoon, we emerged from the subway to ominous clouds. Joe and I nervously looked at each other. Since we were early, we stopped at Starbucks for a little caffeine pickmeup and hoped for the best. Samir and Mansha passed us on the sidewalk, also headed to Starbucks. We said we’d meat them around the corner in a few minutes, and in that few minutes the skies just opened up. Joe and I huddled under a porch covering, they in the coffee shop. And we all just hoped for the best for their South Street Seaport portraits and engagement session. A half hour later, as soon as the deluge of water slowed to a trickle, they headed on over to us and we started quickly shooting, just in case more was on its way.

south street seaport portraits after a summer downpour

The thing about a quick rainstorm is that, well, we love them. As long as we’re not all caught without cover, they’re great for photography! The landscape that moments ago was dry and possibly dirty is suddenly shiny, sparkly, and reflective.

engagement session in south street seaport with tall ships

wedding portraits in new york city

Here we have an extremely important image! This South Street Seaport portrait is the exact place where Mansha and Samir first talked to each other several years ago. What a personal and memorable place to choose for your engagement session! It’s exactly where they met and sparks first started flying!

south street seaport engagement portraits

south street seaport couple portrait session

From there, we walked around the surrounding areas near the seaport and included a few fun landmarks. Mansha requested a photo with the lighthouse.

downtown new york city engagement photos

nyc engagement photography in the rain

It seems like many a New York City engagement session ends with a cobblestone picture, so we decided to take it up a notch and give Samir and Mansha a much more unique NYC photo or two. I think these photos also do a wonderful job of illustrating the benefits of hiring both Joe and I versus just one of us. The first two vertical images are by Joe, the wider image by me. They’re taken within seconds of each other. We really enjoy offering a variety of photos to our couples and working together aids this immensely.
nyc cobblestone engagement session in construction area of hurricane sandy

engagement photos in downtown nyc

new york city wedding photographer makes south street seaport en

I’ll end with one of my favorite engagement photos I’ve taken in a very long time. In fact, I put it up on our facebook banner recently!
south street seaport engagement overlooking the brooklyn bridge