We don’t share a ton of personal work on here for a few very good reasons, most of which revolves around me not wanting to care about framing as much while photographing our own lives. The result? I love our own little sets of family photos but rarely want to display anything to the general public. But lately, that’s changed a bit. I picked up a new camera – a lighter, easier to carry around little black box. For the photographers out there reading this, that camera is the fuji xt1. For the non photographers out there, it’s about half the weight and size of what you’ve seen us lug around at your weddings and portrait sessions! While we (like any real photographer) would never say it’s a good camera that takes the picture, we are more likely to take a photo if we actually have a camera with us! And so we’ve been doing just that. We’ve been moving our family documentation into the realm of Portland lifestyle photography and away from the snapshot crowd.

Witness a little trip to Portland ice cream mecca, Salt & Straw:
family photography at salt and straw

Same day, bribing our kidlet with his favorite not-so-hot chocolate at “arrrbucks”
portland family photography by turn loose the art

A few evening photos, on on our backyard deck as twilight fell across the suburban yards around us. The next is at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, our favorite McMenamin’s property. Please, please someone book us for a wedding there!

portland lifestyle photography with the fuji xt1

mcmenamins wedding photographer at cornelius pass roadhouse and

We sadly didn’t have any Portland family portrait sessions booked on the waterfront during the gorgeous show of cherry blossoms this year. So we made our own!

cherry blossom lifestyle family photos

portland lifestyle photography with cherry blossoms

portland family portraits at the portland waterfront cherry blos

I went to Lake Tahoe to help a friend celebrate an important birthday. And I actually took a camera on a non-working trip! Can you tell I love the little xt1?

lake tahoe travel photos

tourist jumping photo on lake tahoe

lake tahoe travel photos

lake tahoe travel photos

And finally, another of Finn. We went for a walk and he decided to pick some flowers for his mama.

spring portraits in portland