Your wedding day might be one of the only days in your in which everyone you love is gathered together. While we don’t believe it’s the most important day of your life, it does have a huge amount of significance. Perhaps more than any other time, it’s a time for self-expression. What is your personal style day to day? Does that translate to a semi-formal or formal affair? Does it match the location you’ve chosen in which to marry? Your personal style should be something that can mesh well with your wedding day.

Here’s a great example of being exactly who you are on your wedding day: Trevor, a graphic designer, and Lindsey, a visual merchandiser, are both highly visual people. They had a whole found object theme for their wedding. They and their wedding party all dressed the part with mixtures of textures like distressed leather against feathery tulle. We’ve known Trevor for a few years and this is nothing new for him – he’s well dressed every time we meet.

trendy bride and groom in yellows and blues

This is not to say that if you’re a yoga pants and tank kind of person, you’ll wear that to your wedding of course! Vin and Jess are beachy people, but it wasn’t bathing suits they wore to the wedding. Vin wore a suit over a tux, brown shoes over shiny rental blacks, and a black and white checked shirt over a formal white. It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin – just the best version of it!

personal style at rockaway beach wedding

Taking your personal style to your wedding day is more of a feeling. If you’re not a cake person but you love pie, maybe serve pie as the wedding dessert and skip the expensive wedding cake if you don’t personally value it! Bryan and Justin did just that – they ordered a variety of their favorite pie flavors from Pacific Pie Co. and shared those flavors with their guests. They also each chose their favorite action hero as their “cake topper” and displayed them near the dessert table.

captain america cake topper and batman cake topper

Actually, we loved so much about Bryan and Justin’s wedding and one of the main reasons is that they’re not shy. They are themselves, they know it and they’d be happy to yell it from the rooftops. We LOVE that! They just inject personality into everything they do!

jupiter hotel wedding photos featuring gay couple with personal

We had two weddings in the same month last year that were very art deco in feeling. Keri and Nick’s wedding was based on a Gatsby feeling and had a lot of elements from the 20’s. They took portraits at the Vanderbilt Museum, a Gold Coast mansion of legendary history. Everything about that era was over the top, and that’s the feeling Keri wanted for their wedding. Keri modernized the 20’s look with a lace dress and jeweled headpiece:

gatsby era wedding photos at vanderbilt museum

And then they carried the Gold Coast party style into their deeply red reception. A little lighting can go a long way towards creating the exact mood you want for your wedding.

nyc wedding photographer at the somerly fox hollow

Only a week before, our grooms had a very similar thing going on! Marrying at the Edison Ballroom created a built in speakeasy and art deco feel. Scott and Shaun just went with it and Shaun declared their elaborate wedding was an expression of his love for Scott in one of the most emotional and moving speeches we’ve ever witnessed.

shaun t's wedding photos in new york

Sometimes bringing your own personal style to your wedding might mean bucking a few traditions here and there. Sadiaka skipped the traditional red sari for her wedding reception. Marrying in the spring because she loves cherry blossoms, they had a very pink wedding reception. She chose a rose-colored lehnga instead of a red sari, still honoring their Hindu heritage and having the South Asian wedding their families expected, but modernizing quite a bit.

portland indian wedding photographer with rose lehnga

And on the flip side, sometimes bringing personal style might be honoring traditions. Candice’s grandmother always carried herself elegantly. Candice loved her for that and wore her grandmother’s headpiece as part of her wedding ensemble not only to honor her grandmother, but for the instant elegance it created.

central park elopement photos

portland muslim wedding reception photographer

Regardless of what you choose for your wedding day, we hope it represents who you are, what you want, and how much love there is everywhere at your wedding. One of our favorite engagement stories comes from Quoc and Daniela. Her whole family traveled to Italy and Quoc decided the big trip would be the perfect time to propose to her. Unfortunately, the engagement ring wasn’t ready. Instead, Quoc proposed with a very large purple ring and Daniela wore it on their wedding day along with the official ring. They both represent love equally to her. What could matter more on your wedding day?

amethyst ring on bride's finger at first dance