Looking for a way to make your reception extra memorable? Choose something at least one of you loves. Love cigars? Why not hire a cigar roller ($$$) or set out a simple cigar station ($). A photo booth is great if you’re all about the pictures and will free up your photographer to follow the action instead of table shots. Signature cocktails and a modern lounge area near the bar is great if you appreciate hard alcohol. These are all extra special touches that will lead your guests to remember your perfect wedding reception.

ring shot with signature martini at perfect wedding reception

photo booth at garrison inn wedding reception

We’ve seen a lot of wedding décor. When it comes to some things (like candles!) less is not more! Candlelight is beautiful, but each candle emits very little light. Eight votives per table is a bit of decoration, not ambience. Add a lot. We mean, 100 when you’re thinking 10! The same goes for twinkle lights.

candlelight as wedding decor

Feed your vendors! I promise, they remember who fed them well, who didn’t feed them at all, and who handed them a disgusting ham sandwich. Venues and caterers will often tell you they take care of your photographers, video team and DJ when they do not. The best way to take care of your vendors is seat them in the same reception space as your guests. We know this adds cost for your reception planning, so we include an album credit for each of our wedding couples that seats us as guests. Not only will this ensure we have enough energy to continue making spectacular images for you throughout the entire day, it also gives us the opportunity to pop up if anything unplanned happens during dinner. (That amazing meal below? Provided to us by Vibrant Catering at a wonderful Leftbank Annex wedding reception.)

leftbank annex wedding, vibrant table catering photos

leftbank annex, vibrant table

Do you want a grand exit or to end the evening simply? Sparkler exits are popular but may not be allowed at your reception location. Find out before setting your heart on that. Also, it may mean overtime for your photographer and cinematographer if you want it documented as we don’t typically stay for the whole wedding reception if you’ve planned a longer day.

sparkler exit in wolfeboro new

If you want more great tips on creating a perfect wedding reception, make sure you’ve read the first part of this article!