When looking for Oheka Castle wedding pictures, what else could you expect but a beautiful, elegant wedding? Todd and Taryn’s Oheka Castle wedding reception was filled with an all white color palette, perfectly accenting Taryn’s stately ballgown. They arrived to the castle in a beautifully restored Rolls Royce. Tradition is one of the most important things in both Todd’s and Taryn’s family. After Todd’s sister also married at Oheka Castle, his parents declared all their children would do so. As small business owners, they highly value great personal service. It was an honor that they put us in the same category as the legendary service at an Oheka Castle wedding.

rolls royce in front of oheka castle

Oheka Castle Wedding Portraits

oheka castle wedding pictures

oheka castle bridal party photos on the grounds of long island w

We beat the heat for a little while in the library, where we did the majority of the group photos.

formal groomsman portrait in oheka castle library

The bridal suite was another great place for portraits, again saving ourselves from the heat for a short while.

elegant bride and groom photos in oheka castle bridal suite

We know that our couples place a lot of trust with us. Todd and Taryn had their pick of NYC wedding photographers and chose us, largely because they felt they could trust us with their wedding vision all while keeping it lighthearted. There’s one thing we just couldn’t get Todd to do though, and that was stepping out onto the balcony for a sweeping vista of the Oheka Castle grounds and golf course!

traditional bride at oheka castle wedding with golf course in ba

all white wedding flowers in oheka castle ballroom, oheka castle ice sculpture

Oheka Castle Wedding Reception

Taryn’s goal was a completely elegant and timeless Oheka Castle wedding reception, and she got it! She chose an all white color palette for flowers. That, mixed with the champagne wedding gown and off white and champagne accents within the ballroom made for a beautiful monochromatic color for the wedding reception.

long island ballroom wedding photos

oheka castle wedding reception photos

best of long island wedding venues at oheka castle

Todd and Taryn are both Italian Long Islanders, so what could be a more personal way to inject a bit of themselves into the wedding reception? They hired a zeppole truck to sit in the courtyard as wedding guests left the castle at the end of the wedding reception.

zeppole truck at oheka castle wedding reception

If you’re looking for more photos of Todd and Taryn’s Oheka Castle wedding, we also featured them on a recent article about choosing a meaningful wedding venue and one of their wedding photos was featured in Inside Weddings. Also see another Oheka Castle wedding from Turn Loose the Art.