When we first heard from Scott and Shaun last year, we were ridiculously excited. They told us they were planning a wedding that wasn’t a wedding at all. We hear this from time to time, but it always ends up being fairly similar to a traditional wedding. Scott and Shaun said they were planning a full on Broadway-style show and they were also going to get married there at the end. Their Edison Ballroom wedding near Times Square really lived up to everything they mentioned!

Melissa and Jenny of Jenny Orsini Events were managing all the details not related to the show and they did a spectacular job, pulling in A Touch of Elegance for the decor and Buddy Valastro a.k.a “The Cake Boss” at Carlo’s Bakery for the two wedding cakes.

The show would have multiple acts, each better than the last – all directed by Anthony Jude and the crew at Sounds To Go. Blue Kite Cinema filmed the entire event, and let me say – there was so much to film!

Beyond all of this, though, are a few simple words from Scott last night just made our day. Scott said they’ve been reliving their wedding day today, having just watched their feature length film. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and turned to each other and asked how we were possibly going to top that. It means the world to us that they shared we gave them the photos they wanted – exactly what they wanted – and yet still managed to top their expectations.

That’s a lot of words, and I think the rest of this story is best told in photographs, starting with their meet and greet dinner the night before the main event:
nyc rehearsal dinner photos

new york city wedding photographer

wedding photojournalist oregon

We didn’t really have a chance to meet Shaun or Scott before their wedding since they have such an insane travel schedule, and I always wonder how that will end up working out. When I saw so many moments like this at their rehearsal dinner, I knew we were a perfect match. They exude expression at every step of the way.
shaun t wedding moment

A Touch of Elegance outdid themselves on some of the florals!
a touch of elegance wedding decor

nyc wedding photojournalist

wedding ring detail photos

edison ballroom wedding decor

edison ballroom cocktail hour

Couldn’t think of a better wedding theme for these two guys!
edison ballroom entryway photos

edison ballroom wedding portrait

20's inspired wedding attire

award winning new york wedding photographer

edison ballrom wedding photographer

anthony jude stage management

manhattan wedding photographers

This girl was amazing. Just look at the faces in the crowd stare at her in awe!
manwe addison choreographer photos

ariel tyler page wedding song

wedding broadway show photos at edison ballroom

I told Shaun last night – this look says so much.
edison ballrom wedding photos

alternative wedding photography in nyc

jenny orsini event photos

The show portion of the night ended just after this number – “Marry Me”
jack rayner choregrapher for shaun t