Katie and Eric chose a January wedding date so that Katie, a police officer, would have an easy time getting the necessary vacation days surrounding her wedding. Little did they know that when their wedding date rolled around about a year later, Eric would also be going through the academy and would have to go back to work a couple days after their wedding!

When it came time to choosing a photographer, Katie already knew exactly what to do. She’d seen our photos online months before and then, one day, while perusing our portfolio she noticed the wedding photos of a fellow academy student. The decision was made, she’d hire Turn Loose the Art for her New York ballroom wedding photography at East Wind Inn, following a church ceremony at their local parish.

With that said, let’s move on and view some photos from their wedding day, starting at Katie’s mother’s house. Katie was a blast to be around all day. She’s so enthusiastic about everything so I was a bit shocked to capture this brief quiet moment as Kelly helped her dress.
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With a handful of nieces and nephews, there were plenty of kids to steal the show:
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Meanwhile, Joe was over with the guys before the ceremony. Eric’s first comment after seeing his wedding photos yesterday? “My neck definitely isn’t that big anymore.” I guess the academy is whittling him away from these photos!
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Eric and Katie hired a party bus to shuttle everyone around since the drive between ceremony and reception would be quite long. One of the things it provided was a large back area and a few quiet moments for Katie and her parents on the way to church. I love this whole series, but this image is my favorite.
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This next image is so cute with the kids at church. They all wanted to do such a great job.
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It’s not particularly easy to organize a good bubble exit in the rain, but Katie’s girls did it!
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Before we started the day, Joe and I scouted out close locations to the church for a couple quick portraits with Eric and Katie. We new it would likely be raining, and we knew we’d have very little light left in the dreary January day. So with that in mind, we wanted to do our best to give them some great portraits before night fully encroached. We found this little alcove in the school attached to the church. As it turns out, this is where Katie went to school growing up and it was a very meaningful location!
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We don’t usually show the formal photos on the blog. We certainly take plenty of them, but unless you’re the person in them, they don’t have a lot of draw. You know, unless you’re up to having some fun with them!
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Impromptu wedding grand entrance at East Wind Caterers:
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When you’re a young child and they start wedding toasts…
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