Each part of the wedding day has different quirks. The hardest part to photograph has often been the getting ready portion of the day. It does seem to go awry more often than other times of the wedding day. We believe this is because it’s usually an afterthought and the last part of the wedding planned. With a little thought, this is often the most relaxed part of the day. we’d love for you to enjoy it! What follows is our thoughts on the best ways to make the most of this part of the day.

groom getting ready for wedding at jupiter hotel

We typically like to schedule at least an hour for your Getting Ready photos. During this time, we’ll be photographing all bridal details, the dress(es), time you start makeup, hair, and putting on your dress. While it’s possible to photograph all this in less time, it ends up feeling very rushed.

If you want to look great during your prep time, wear a casual white dress that’s loose enough to slip over your head later. Guys – stick to solid colored clothing.

bride with bridesmaids before wedding

It’s tough to stay tidy during the day, but it really helps the photos when all the clutter is tucked away. If you’re preparing in a hotel, consider having hair and makeup and bridesmaids dress in one room and the bride dress in a separate, clean room. Same goes for the guys!

portland wedding photographer getting ready photos

Wedding Dress: It’s great if we have big windows that we can hang the dress from, so we can shoot a solo of your wedding dress. Be sure you have a nice hanger to switch out the plastic one that comes with your dress. You may want to check out some cool custom hangers on Etsy. Even better: borrow a dress form or pick up a cheap one at Home Goods.

bride looks on at wedding gowns

Hair and make up: The best spot for photos is 3-4 feet in front of a large window (not in direct sunlight). In our experience, we have found the worst spot is a corner of a room as your makeup artist/hair stylist will block you in each shot, not to mention really bad light (bad light begets bad photos). For the best photos, mention this to your hair and makeup artist beforehand.

bride gets ready for wedding day at gorge crest vineyards

When we tell the story in your album, it disrupts the flow when there are no photos of the groom and the first photo is the groom completely ready at the ceremony. So for the gentlemen, we like to get detail photos of the suit/tux, watches, cufflinks, groom shaving, groom putting on jacket while being assisted from best man, and a groom portrait. Time should be allotted so we can capture these moments as well. Please don’t dress before we arrive!

groom getting ready at new york wedding

Putting on the wedding dress is one of the biggest moments and the look of utter joy of your parent or bridesmaids seeing you in the dress is what we want to capture. We don’t want to miss those photos! We ask that we be allowed in the room during this time. We’ve been doing this for awhile so we’re always discrete.

pronovias gown on bride during getting ready photos

“Which leg for the garter?” A friend of ours googled it and told us that as it turns out, it’s totally up to you!

getting ready photos at salem vineyard wedding