If you want to know how to make the best of a rainy wedding day, ask Brian and Leigh. And if you don’t personally know them, just look at their faces.

Leigh is one of the most effusively joyous people I’ve ever met. Brian is her perfect counterpart and at first meeting is a laidback surfer. And then you find out he’s a doctor. I wouldn’t wish a day of torrential rain on anyone, and certainly not this happy couple. But you know what? They kind of rocked it! They took a rainstorm and made it an event, cracking jokes throughout the day. Leigh’s dad went fishing in the rain the morning of the wedding. Brian and the guys hauled their beach cruisers to The Bourne Mansion, their wedding venue. Leigh kicked off her heels and rode her bike around the driveway completely barefoot.

And when the rain wouldn’t let up at all during their reception to allow for some outdoor night portraits? Leigh and Brian ran out into the open rain and said they didn’t care if they couldn’t find an umbrella, let’s just make some pictures!

This photograph is them leaving their church wedding ceremony. Their faces say it all.

rainy wedding day photos

So how do you make the best of a rainy wedding day? You forget it’s raining at all. You live in the moment. You love your friends and family. And you get married.