It doesn’t get any more Portland than a Jupiter Hotel wedding and Bryan and Justin outdid themselves. They welcomed their guests – nearly all out-of-towners – to a very trendy location and had the perfect casual wedding at the Jupiter Hotel.

Speaking of the Jupiter, you’ve got to love a place that has Spiderman comics on the wall. We chose this location as Justin and Bryan’s first look location primarily because it was in the shade. On a spectacularly out of season humid and 96-degree day, shade was highly valued to the guys!
portland wedding photographers

We took a few minutes after their first look to walk around Burnside near the hotel and ended up finding some very random locations. As it turned out, one of my personal favorite portraits of the guys was not really a location at all, but fit in well with their colors and had some fun patterns of shadows to play with for a few minutes. You’ll have to note their handsome matching ties here as well!
jupiter hotel wedding photographers

We have plenty more photos from their Jupiter Hotel wedding coming up soon. We’ll be editing away! In the meantime, there’s one more sneak peek image of their bridal part in the Doug Fir Lounge over on our facebook business page, so check that out if you’re aching for more!