It’s been a long time coming, but we’re so happy to share the rest of Justin and Bryan’s Jupiter Hotel Wedding photos! Their chosen venue of the Jupiter Hotel for their wedding couldn’t have been more perfect for them and their guests, most of whom flew in for the wedding. Like us, Bryan and Justin have chosen to make Portland their home rather than having grown up here. They moved here around the time they became engaged and embraced everything their new city has to offer!

First though, if you haven’t had a chance to see our other blog post with the Vancouver same sex wedding ceremony, welcome party, and wedding prep photos, scroll down or link on over to Bryan and Justin’s civil ceremony blog post. And while you’re in a browsing mood, check out their engagement photos, too!

Just after the wedding ceremony, the guys took a few minutes for more portraits with us around Portland’s Jupiter Hotel.
gay wedding on burnside's jupit

oldtown florist wedding flowers

We love this photo Joe took of Bryan hugging Justin from behind. And as it turns out, it’s Bryan’s favorite image, too!
same sex portland wedding photo

The guys eschewed a traditional wedding cake. Like me, they’re not fans of cake in general. So they chose to have a dessert bar featuring wedding pie! Their each chose an action figure of their favorite super hero as the pie topper for a little extra flair. Bonus, the action figure wedding ring photo by Joe! Pacific Pie Co. did a great job with all their wedding desserts, from the pies branded with their initials to mini pies for the guests.

The guys made sure to mention that even after the big pies and 120 mini pie bites, there were no leftovers at the end of the night. A job well done!

super hero wedding photos

green and blue wedding theme

One of the very personal Portland gifts the guys chose were glass necklaces by an artist they found at Portland Saturday Market. Check them out on the ladies in this bridal party image at the Douglas Fir Lounge!

wedding portraits in douglas fi

creative wedding photography in

best portland wedding photograp

oldtown florist at portland's j

So… Bryan and Justin are friends with the most fabulous drag queen. Bolivia just rocks. I mean, she rocked the house and got the entire party thumping, but she’s just awesome as a person, too. While it’s not in any way a traditional wedding image, it might be my favorite photo I’ve taken in a long time. One of my brides from years and years ago used to say “Fierce!” all the time, long before it was popular. It fits here, no?

jupiter hotel wedding with turn

portland wedding photojournalis

wedding reception at jupiter ho

Adam from Perfect Memory DJ did an awesome job with the party. The dance floor never emptied, despite being an outdoor wedding in 90 degree heat!

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wedding photos at jupiter hotel

jupiter hotel wedding reception

last dance photos at jupiter ho

And last but not least, Justin and Bryan hired a chalkboard artist to come in and design a guestbook for them on the chalkboard wall at their Jupiter Hotel wedding. Hey Hey Erin May did a bang-up job on this! Not only have we never seen anything like it, the guests went crazy for it! There are some pretty awesome messages on this wall. It makes for such a great, personal way to make your wedding different.

chalkboard wedding guestbook

In summary, Justin and Bryan are awesome. All of their vendors were awesome. We made awesome photos for them.