What a great Monday morning present and excellent start to the week! As I (Britney) was making my morning tea latte, Joe called me over to check out the latest ISPWP Winter ’09 contest results. Joe and I each received a high placing award this quarter!

When I took this image, I knew it was going to be a great capture instantly. Sometimes you just know, and Sheryl and Michael were the ultimate winners here with a great image capturing the whole family.

ispwp award winning photography

As most of our clients already know, Joe and I are a bit competitive. And by “a bit” I mean very! We are always on the hunt for an image the other will have to admit is great. It’s a healthy competition and I really love it when Joe comes up with something like the image of Erin and Kevin below. Plus, he placed in my favorite contest category, All About Light!

ISPWP contest winning photographer