Two years ago, we created some intimate wedding photography for Dan and Candice at their Central Park elopement. Those images struck Fawne and Jacob at the time. Fast forward to this past winter, they remembered how much fun Dan and Candice said eloping in the States was. They could wed the traditional way in Australia, or they could plan a wonderful month-long trip around the US after marrying in NYC.

As it turns out, both of their families decided to fly over from Australia with them and their NYC elopement photography turned into intimate wedding photography quickly! We couldn’t be more happy for them that their families also decided to make a trip out of it and enjoy some of the things we love about New York and California and everywhere in between.

Fawne got ready for the day in her parents’ hotel room near Central Park.
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They escorted her into Shakespeare’s Garden for their intimate wedding ceremony attended by both families:
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In Jacob’s own words, this is why they chose to have an intimate wedding:

There are a lot of contributing factors as to why Fawne & I ‘breaking with tradition’ and eloping and I think letting you know why, will probably give you an insight into the people we are;
I think the biggest motivator has been the countless weddings that Fawne and I have been to in the 6.5 years we’ve been together. While we had varying amounts of fun at all of them, it always seemed like the bride & groom were being put to task, the responsibilities of the day appeared to take over and turn the whole affair into an event of procedure rather than an day of joy for the two at the alter. It appeared to be about the keeping people who’ve made the effort to show-up happy rather than the couple making the commitment.

I think this photo perfectly illustrates Jacob and Fawne’s intentions. Their families wanted to be there for them and witness them marry each other. After the ceremony, they left to relax while Fawne and Jacob toured the city for some wedding portraits to remind them of their special elopement, and then they all met up with each again for a celebratory wedding dinner at the Water’s Edge in Long Island City.
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We continued through Shakespeare Garden and on into the Ramble for a few more portraits of them in Central Park.
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They just so happened to plan their wedding ceremony during cherry blossom season! On a beautiful day in Manhattan, it was a very crowded area to make some portraits, but Fawne and Jacob were game.
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The couple also asked for a more metropolitan look to some of their photos as well. We took off for High Line Park overlooking the Meatpacking District for the tail end of our session with them.
bride and groom in meatpacking district

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wedding portraits on high line

After a month of traveling (and apparently experiencing the West Coast Chain of In’n’out three days in a row!), Jacob and Fawne are now back in Australia. They just celebrated at an Australian reception and shared these images with their guests. That’s everything we hope for our couples, that not only they enjoy the images, but they share them with those they love.