So… the sneak peek is supposed to just be a peek. A couple images. A sneaky little glance into what the future will hold when we can process all the images and showcase them for the happy couple to see and share. And I’m having a really tough time narrowing the images down! Maybe it’s because Holly and Stephen are fellow photo nerds and I want them to be wowed. Maybe it’s because they gave us a ton of time to make amazing portraits of them and there are just so many from which to choose. Or maybe they’re just awesome and planned such a delightful backyard wedding in Hillsboro that there really are that many images and narrowing down will be impossible.

I forced myself to go to bed last night, to stop looking for more images and to just choose from a few that caught my eye so quickly I had to open them while still downloading. So here we are. Just a tiny little glimpse into what’s coming in the next month or so. You know, after they get home from their Costa Rica honeymoon!

harvested fields make excellent sunset backdrops for bridal port

backyard wedding in hillsboro and sunset wedding portraits for p