We are really looking forward to Dan and Pia’s Memorial Weekend wedding coming up in a few weeks at Pia’s family home in New Jersey, but for now we’re excited to finally share their engagement images! I was all set to blog them last week, so I’ve been feeling the anticipation for these two. We spent some time shooting in the gardens at St. Luke in the Fields and then moved on to the family’s Union Square apartment, barely skirting a couple downpours along the way.

I love that Pia thought of shooting here, as this was her school growing up!

Dan and Pia love dancing around the kitchen, and have the cutest (and warmest) chef coats. I’m hoping Pia convinced Joe that I need a chef coat now. Here they are (ahem) counting how many many ballers her mom has.

We went up to the roof to grab a few images with the Manhattan skyline view, but had to take cover inside as a spring shower passed.