Untraditional Edison Ballroom Wedding

As an NYC wedding photographer, it doesn’t get any more epic than an Edison Ballroom wedding. Scott and Shaun’s wedding at NYC’s Edison Ballroom brought a huge team together to pull off not only an emotionally-charged wedding ceremony, but a full Broadway-style show before the ceremony as well!

A Touch of Elegance and Jenny Orsini Events are responsible for the unique wedding decor. They went all out, from three different linen sets, multiple styles of centerpieces, and flower arrangements in every hue of purple possible.

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While not the most traditional of weddings, we still spent time with each of the guys getting ready. Here is one of Joe’s images of Scott getting ready for the show.

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Scott and Shaun chose Midnight Love as their wedding theme. They went with the art deco influence of the ballroom and created invitations in ticket form. They asked their guests to dress in 20’s and 30’s style attire to fit the festive mood.

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Scott’s parents were so happy at the wedding! Here they are greeting him at the start of the show.

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Shaun might look a bit familiar to you – he created the Insanity and T25 workouts. He’s toured around the country and led so many to better fitness! He’s hugely inspirational to many for that reason, but at the wedding we got to see a different side of him. Everything was so incredibly emotional. He and Scott are so in love, it just oozes out of everything they say. Shaun spoke at one point during the show and said that it was his gift to Scott, this wedding. It was an expression of his love for Scott. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house at that comment, including our own!

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Edison Ballroom Wedding Ceremony

At the end of the show, then more traditional part of the wedding began. The Edison Ballroom wedding ceremony was lit with candles, the bridespeople all in purple. Scott and Shaun each started the walk down the aisle with one of their bridesmaids and met halfway up the aisle with their parents. They all joined at the front of the ballroom near the stage, and then Scott and Shaun jointly walked up the stage for their wedding ceremony. They asked a friend to officiate.

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The horn style bouquets for the girls were another unique touch at this non-traditional wedding.

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for! They’re married!

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After the multi-act show and ceremony, guests went upstairs to the Blokker Lavender Lounge, complete with karaoke machine and neon sign to greet everyone. And then the real party and dancing started!

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nyc edison ballroom reception

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Though we do not live in New York anymore and are now Portland wedding photographers, we love going back to New York for weddings. And when those weddings are as personal as Scott and Shaun’s wedding, we jump at the chance. Combine their personal thoughtfulness with the extravagance of the Edison Ballroom and it’s a sure bet!