Taryn and Todd planned a wedding that really brings old memories to mind. Their dream wedding photography left us with images fit for a princess. With a ceremony in a cathedral and their reception in a castle, lush flowers all in classic white, it’s a wedding that many girls would dream about.

It’s been a few years for them now and their wedding images still feel the exact same. The romantic, classic beauty of their arrival at their Oheka Castle wedding reception will always live on in this wedding photograph of theirs. You can see the exact vision Taryn created in this image and you know exactly what was important to her and Todd.

dream wedding photography at oheka castle wedding reception

Fun fact about their wedding venue: you’ve probably seen it on TV. We used to watch a show called Royal Pains. The show is set in the Hamptons and even though Oheka Castle is not in the Hamptons, they show it as the main characters’ home in the TV show. It’s one of many Gatsby-era mansions on the Gold Coast and is a beautiful choice for a romantic, classic wedding reception. Todd’s sister also married there, so they are making it a family tradition!

One of the things Joe and I are very proud of is how much we try to create the images you’ve envisioned. If your dream wedding photography is more classic and romantic than edgy and modern, we want to know and create the images of your dreams!

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