Renee and John’s City Winery wedding was two years ago already! It’s so hard to believe their wedding was that long ago, because many of the moments feel like they were happening just days ago.

I chose an image as they entered their reception to showcase today. After their grand entrance, they greeted their guests and this photograph is just before they began their first dance as husband and wife. I particularly love this moment because it shows off so many of the the choices Renee and John poured themselves into in order to make their wedding personal and meaningful. Renee spent a lot of time in pilates and yoga leading up to their wedding, and this image perfectly shows off her sculpted back and arms. It also shows off their venue choice. City Winery is the only working winery in Manhattan. If you’re a family that makes your own wine like John’s family, it’s the perfect wedding venue in Manhattan.

city winery wedding photos

Some of our other favorite moments of the day? John and Joe bonded over winemaking and John insisted on Joe enjoying a glass of the wine his family made. They had limited supply to serve at the wedding, so it was a treat he thought of us. Since I was quite pregnant at the time and chose to skip the wine, Renee insisted I enjoy a piece of their special wedding cake instead. She loves Momofuku cake and hunted down the last remaining slice of pistachio wedding cake for me to eat. We’re all about our couples on their wedding day, so them insisting on making us feel welcome was a special treat!

We’re very excited to be photographing Renee’s sister’s wedding next year and can’t wait to see how Marcella is going to infuse her personality into her own wedding!