Moment-Driven Wedding Photography with Flash

Our most recent wedding advice piece was on hiring a wedding photographer with lighting knowledge and why that matters for your wedding portraits. This is the follow-up post to that! While your wedding portraits are probably going to be a large part of what you'll want to share in the immediate weeks after your wedding, [...]

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Hiring a Wedding Photographer with Skilled Lighting Experience

Hiring a wedding photographer can be a pretty daunting task! Particularly since so many of us love to use terms that the typical bride or groom don't understand, it can be hard to ask the right questions. I suddenly have an engaged sister and in trying to give her photography advice, I realized I've been [...]

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How to Have the Perfect Wedding Reception, Part Two

Looking for a way to make your reception extra memorable? Choose something at least one of you loves. Love cigars? Why not hire a cigar roller ($$$) or set out a simple cigar station ($). A photo booth is great if you’re all about the pictures and will free up your photographer to follow the [...]

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Planning a Great Wedding Reception, Part One

You've planned the ceremony to a T, maybe even hired a wedding coordinator to handle the early portion of the day. But did you know at least half of the wedding coordinators we've worked with leave during the wedding reception? Planning a great wedding reception doesn't require much more work than the rest of the [...]

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First Look at Your Bride or Groom

One of the big decisions in the wedding world revolves around whether you want to have a first look before your ceremony or not. It's one of the first questions we ask when it comes to scheduling your day because quite a bit depends on it! We are of the opinion that it's your choice, [...]

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