Downtown Portland Family Portraits

Sometimes the fall color sings so much brighter in the gray Portland atmosphere. It wasn't raining, but it wasn't sunny. It wasn't foggy but it wasn't clear. The Torrey's downtown Portland family portraits manage to show off the city's feel perfect, particularly for an early autumn weekend morning. Isaac, better known to many as Ikey, [...]

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Family Reunion Portraits

While the majority of our family portrait sessions in California, New York or here in Portland are single families we are happy to photograph larger families! In fact, family reunion style portraits are really fun! My own family does them every five years or so. The extended Miller family came together and helped us choose [...]

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Portland Portrait Photography

This is a shamless toot-your-own-horn post filled with self-declared cuteness. You know, because the subject is our own kid and we're allowed to do that every so often. I have definite views on what Portland portrait photography should be and I have a child that's a complete ham at sometimes and the most stubborn animate [...]

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Family Portraits by Portland Kid Photographers

It's that time of year... Portland family portraits are going to popping up on the blog left and right pretty soon as we start processing all the family portraits by the best Portland kid photographer - us! When it comes to the fall season, we love meeting up once again with those we photographed years [...]

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Couple Portraits: Anytime

We met Em and Steve years ago in Las Vegas at a photography seminar that claims attendance each year of somewhere between 10K and 15K. Granted it wasn't a random meeting, but when you think of the sheer numbers it's pretty amazing we've ended up being great friends. They've visited us many times and I [...]

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