Bamboo USB Drives from Turn Loose The Art

Photographs are meant to be printed. As important as the printed image is, especially portrait and wedding albums, we feel that you should also have a digital copy of every one of your photographs for personal and archival purposes as well. That’s why many of our album and wall collections include a limited or full [...]

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How to Have A Staycation

What vacation do you have planned this year? Portland portrait photographers Turn Loose The Art explores the concept of a "staycation" what you can do and have to have a staycation to remember!

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The Top 3 Photo Editing Apps for Your Smart Phone

The long awaited follow-up to my recent How to Take Better iPhone Photos article is here! And this time, it's an equal opportunity iPhone vs. Android article as some of the apps I'm going to showcase are available on each type of device. This article is all about the best photo editing apps for your smart phone. [...]

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How to Take Better iPhone Photos

Yes, I'm clearly an iPhone user. So this article is going to come from that perspective. That said, I'm happy to note that Android phone users have many of these same options even if I'm not very familiar with them. The point here is that I want you to take better photos of your life, [...]

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