There’s so much I want to say about how awesome Justin and Bryan are. I mean, we had a bottle of wine chilling before they arrived yesterday for their image premiere, and they showed up with a (new to us) awesome mixer for cocktails instead. They are just so fun to hang out with and we’re so, so looking forward to their wedding in two months. I already mentioned in their sneak peek that we met up with them at their loft style apartment for their downtown Portland engagement photos last month, then moved on from their to a walk around the Pearl for some casual engagement photos. So instead of gushing on and on about them, I’m just going to hop right into the photos.

Wrigley and Daisy made more than a couple cameos in their photos for us to capture what the guys call “the family portrait.”
portland engagement session

I love this image, not just because they’re both wearing brand new shoes they picked out for the engagement session. I love the body language. They have so much of it in their legs!
same sex engagement session

A few solo portraits:
portland portrait session

pdx engagement portraits

Another sort of random thing I want to say, though it has nothing to do with their session: we ran into the guys rather accidentally a few weeks ago at the farmer’s market, and they were completely enamored of our son, Finn. It was so cute watching Finn run through his list of things he likes to do when impressing new people and Justin and Bryan actually enjoying it instead of just humoring him.
portland wedding photography

best portland engagement photos

One of the best parts of hanging out with Bryan and Justin is how similar of backgrounds we share. Joe and I crack up over some things that seem “very Portland” to us and then Justin and Bryan mention the same things since we’ve all moved here in the last couple years. Sadly, this is the only bike that rode by in the five minutes we waited, the one time we wanted them!
portland portrait session in the pearl

Both of our sneak peeks fall in the column of “love so much I have to share again” in the new blog post…
portland wedding photographers in the pearl

pdx oregon engagement photographers

same sex engagement in portland

And another series of Joe’s that we all ended up loving as well:
engagement photos in portland

There you have it. More reasons to love Bryan and Justin!