Here’s the story: weeks after this portrait session, Filomena flew off to England to see her grandparents, towing a few of these prints in hand. You see, her father is British and with his father retiring, they wanted to give a personal gift. It just so happens Filomena’s grandfather makes clothing and the rose-colored dress is one of his creations. And the Union Jack… well that’s pretty obvious! Honoring her British heritage in photos is most definitely not a thought for a toddler but one day… she’ll love these.

toddler portraits for british grandparents backyard kid photos with a story

Filomena loves her little Mini Cooper! It took quite a bit of effort to get her back out of it. She’s a lucky girl because their family home has a huge yard for her to motor around in the car.

baby portraits with union jack


The next few are my favorites. You can see the thoughts darting our of her eyes. She’s definitely the princess in this house and knows it!

storytelling family portraits with toddlerstoddler portraits for british grandparents

Back to the car again! Like I said, she loves that mini.

storytelling family portraits with toddlers backyard kid photos with a story

Babies — and toddlers — will be what they are, and usually they like to undress. I love Filomena running around in the yard and love this last image of her! It’s the little things… I know Valentine wasn’t thrilled with her hair flying around but that’s all a part of it and the story of this time of their lives. I see so many nature babies in Portland and like to capture a little bit of that.