best vineyard wedding photo ideas

Let’s face it. We like love wine. I mean, Joe even makes wine every year! So we love when we are a part of photographing weddings in a winery or on a vineyard. Since we’ve done this quite a bit over the years, we – not surprisingly – have a few thoughts on what makes the best vineyard wedding photos!

backyard vineyard wedding photographs

Let’s start with the first wedding Joe and I ever photographed together! Sean and Brenda were my couple back when I still was a Southern California photographer. Brenda’s father had recently planted a vineyard in his backyard. Brenda warned me thoroughly that it was a very small little vineyard, but I was still thrilled! How meaningful to not only marry in your father’s backyard, but drink the first year of wine produced out of the vineyard at the wedding? It was a great way to incorporate a part of their wedding day into their couple portraits.

The next photo is very similar in that Casey and Maurice married at his father’s vineyard in Salem. The difference? Cubanisimo Vineyard is huge and gave us a very lush background of trailing vines. In that situation, it was easier to photograph near the vineyard because the lighting wasn’t ideal between the rows.

cubanisimo vineyard wedding photos

gorge crest vineyard wedding

Nathan and Melissa’s Gorge Crest wedding photos overlooking Mt. Hood were on a whole different level. Like that, there? (Sometimes I think I’m being clever.) The wild nature of the vines in this photo were not everywhere on the Gorge Crest property, but we found the overgrown vines swinging madly in the wind to be very picturesque! This is the only time we’ve ever been able to make a photo like this as most vineyards are manicured to the extreme.

What about alternative ways to incorporate vineyards into your wedding plans? Renee and John had a City Winery wedding. City Winery is the only working winery in Manhattan, but naturally has no vineyards in an urban location! For portraits, we chose the wine cellar and barrel room as a natural wine-themed wedding photo choice. Their wedding stationary creatively included wine elements as well. If you’re a mess like me most of the time, you’ll recognize the wine ring on the escort cards above!

wine themed wedding reception

wine barrel wedding portraits

We’ve seen plenty of other ways to incorporate a love of wine into your wedding. Used corks are a popular choice for escort card holders. Another DIY project involving corks could be a cork board that your guests pin their well wishes to in lieu of a guestbook. Or maybe a wine charm wedding favor? John and Renee also included bottles of his family’s wine at each table of their reception.

However, sometimes even the best laid plans go awry. Danielle and Pete’s vineyard wedding on Long Island ended up all indoors. The deluge of rain drenching everything around them made walking through the vineyard a daunting task. Danielle made the right choice to forego vineyard wedding photos – her heels wouldn’t have lasted two steps into the sinking mud and drenching her wedding gown in rainwater and mud seemed a poor idea!

vineyard caterers wedding photos

Like all things in the world of weddings, your day is what you make of it. The choices you make will shape your wedding. We love it when those choices come from your everyday life and when you try to share something of yourself with your weddings guests.

small vineyard wedding photos

gorge crest vineyard wedding