Michele has an infectious laugh that bubbles up in the air around her, spreading to everyone near. Randy has a celebrity impression or two, just waiting to burst forth. When you put these two together with their families, you end up with a lot of spontaneous laughter and a bit of chaos, the perfect antidote to a very rained out wedding. You’d never know plans changed completely into these ballroom wedding photos!

Michele’s niece was a crack up! Her Auntie Pamela gave in and applied a bit of blush so she could fulfill her girly flower girl side.
rainy day wedding photos in portland

Rainy Day Wedding Portraits

After Michele and Randy’s first look (photo below), we were ready for some bride and groom portraits! Our original plan of walking around Eisenhower Park, using the field and landscape nearby, and making some sunny couple portraits was no longer an option. Unfortunately, this rainy day wasn’t a day of misting, but a day of downpours. This couple had a great attitude and even spoke of making some lemonade. Michele mentioned there was a smoking lounge and cigar room that she loved and really wanted to make some photos there, so that’s where we went first.

bride and groom first look at the carltun

cigar room bride and groom portraits

From there, we moved into the salon adjacent to the bridal suite at The Carltun. The droplets streaming down outdoors made for a nice backdrop.
bride and groom in the rain on wedding day

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From my perspective, the most personal aspects of Michele and Randy’s wedding were the people. That sounds a bit odd, but their whole wedding party was from their family. Brothers-in-law, siblings, and nieces and nephews. As a result, everyone was quite close and a lot of joking kept their formal portraits full of brevity.
carltun wedding portraits for bridal party

Ballroom Wedding Photos

After all the family photos were complete their ceremony started! With the deluge outside, their wedding ceremony was inside the ballroom.
wedding at eisenhower park in the rain

indoors wedding ceremony on rainy day

wedding photography in portland oregon

There reception was in the same ballroom after cocktail hour at The Carltun. Michele’s sisters garnered the first reaction, their brother-in-law the second.
ballroom wedding photos during carltun reception

wedding photography at the carltun in eisenhower park

cake in Carltun wedding ballroom

Richie Hart Events DJed and provided live entertainment for the dancing party.
richie hart events wedding photos

ballroom wedding photos

richie hart wedding photos at the carltun

Towards the end of the evening, Randy delivered on a long held promise and serenaded Michele with a ballad. The guy has charisma in spades! Many of their guests were wiping away tears by the end of his delivery.
groom serenades bride at ballroom wedding reception

ballroom wedding photos in portland

last dance at the carltun