We are so excited to announce that Portland Wedding Photographers Turn Loose The Art has won its first Fearless Award; adding to the numerous recognitions and accolades that we have as award winning photographers! We both have been “Fearless Photographers” for quite some time and we regularly contribute to image contents and critiques to keep our creative edge sharp. Fearless Awards can best be described as “stunning wedding photos that excel in redefining wedding photography or are just too amazing!” In fact, the curators of the Fearless Award are highly selective, with less than 1 in every 10 images actually receiving an award, so with over 10,000 images received this period from photographers all over the globe, I’m super happy to have one of our images recognized as Fearless!

What makes a Fearless Photographer different? Look at the imagery. A Fearless Photographer is not afraid to strive for distinctive wedding photography. Being part Fearless Photographers is being part of a group of the world’s boldest wedding photographers who are not afraid to push the limits of wedding photography in order to give you extraordinary images from your wedding day.

The image below was dubbed “Fearless” by the curators of this wonderful competition and we couldn’t be happier! The image is of Fawne + Jacob’s Central Park Elopement that we photographed back in April of this year. We had such a great time with the two of them. Shortly after their intimate wedding ceremony at Shakespeare’s Garden attended by both families, Fawne and Jacob spent some time with us walking about New York City’s beautiful Central Park, through the gardens and rambles, and we used every second to capture meaningful moments of their wedding day! This perfect moment was taken near the famous Bethesda Fountain, amongst the crowds of tourists, street performers and wondering musicians.

fearless award for portland wedding photographer