About Britney Gardner

Britney is the better-looking half of the photography duo Turn Loose The Art which is a boutique Portland photography studio specializing in creative documentary family portrait photography and artistic wedding photography. She also runs a modern women's portrait studio, Britney Gardner Photographer that creates uplifting portrait images and glamour photos for real women.

Union Pine Wedding Sneak Peek: Emily + Joe

This wedding included a really old karoake-playing school bus, a lot of beer with straws, a taco peddler, a beautiful rose garden, really great shoes and most importantly, endless laughter. Emily and Joe's Union Pine wedding was kind of epic and I don't use that word lightly! Let's start with a gorgeous, sunlit moment after [...]

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Wedding Album Photos

We've been a bit remiss in posting more wedding album photos as we receive wedding albums into the office! We photograph nearly every wedding album we receive but often just file the photos away for future examples. This was certainly the case for Mansha and Samir's wedding album from their Southeast Asian wedding last summer. [...]

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Neighborhood Adventuring in Portland Portraits

There are about a thousand different parenting styles. This method, that method. They talk about everything and nothing all at the same time. But there are really only two kinds of parents as best I can tell. One parent revels in whatever stage their child currently occupies. The other parent can't wait for the next [...]

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Skamania Lodge Wedding Sneak Peek: Kirsten + John

One of the best things about planning a Pacific Northwest wedding is the variety. Want a wedding on the coast? We've got that. Urban city venues with exposed beams? Not a problem. Winery weddings- oh yeah. But nothing really says PNW better than a forested backdrop and the Columbia Gorge offers that in abundance. Kirsten [...]

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Laurelhurst Park Family Portraits

We've got a whole slough of Portland family portraits coming up, just about ready to hit the blog soon! And the first in the set is the Crigler family with their Laurelhurst Park family portraits. When setting up the session, Liane mentioned it doesn't really get more Portland than their family. She's a jewelry designer [...]

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