About Britney Gardner

Britney is the better-looking half of the photography duo Turn Loose The Art which is a boutique Portland photography studio specializing in creative documentary family portrait photography and artistic wedding photography. She also runs a modern women's portrait studio, Britney Gardner Photographer that creates uplifting portrait images and glamour photos for real women.

Destination Wedding Photographers at Boston Intercontinental Wedding

We should probably start this post off by letting you know I'm a little obsessed with Lauren's entire look. I could never pull it off, of course, which is a huge part of it. But beyond that, Lauren looked the epitome of grace on her wedding day. And what's more, she looked like herself! Much [...]

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Moment-Driven Wedding Photography with Flash

Our most recent wedding advice piece was on hiring a wedding photographer with lighting knowledge and why that matters for your wedding portraits. This is the follow-up post to that! While your wedding portraits are probably going to be a large part of what you'll want to share in the immediate weeks after your wedding, [...]

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Baby Photos Honoring British Heritage

Here's the story: weeks after this portrait session, Filomena flew off to England to see her grandparents, towing a few of these prints in hand. You see, her father is British and with his father retiring, they wanted to give a personal gift. It just so happens Filomena's grandfather makes clothing and the rose-colored dress [...]

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Hiring a Wedding Photographer with Skilled Lighting Experience

Hiring a wedding photographer can be a pretty daunting task! Particularly since so many of us love to use terms that the typical bride or groom don't understand, it can be hard to ask the right questions. I suddenly have an engaged sister and in trying to give her photography advice, I realized I've been [...]

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Stone House Wedding Photos

When we first get a new wedding inquiry from a family member of a former couple, a thrilling little shiver runs down my arms. Yes, every single time. Why for just these inquiries? It means they are more qualified than the rest of course. But it also means they already know us. They already like us. [...]

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