About Britney Gardner

Britney is the better-looking half of the photography duo Turn Loose The Art which is a boutique Portland photography studio specializing in creative documentary family portrait photography and artistic wedding photography. She also runs a modern women's portrait studio, Britney Gardner Photographer that creates uplifting portrait images and glamour photos for real women.

The Top 3 Photo Editing Apps for Your Smart Phone

The long awaited follow-up to my recent How to Take Better iPhone Photos article is here! And this time, it's an equal opportunity iPhone vs. Android article as some of the apps I'm going to showcase are available on each type of device. This article is all about the best photo editing apps for your smart phone. [...]

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Summer Columbia Gorge Wedding with John + Kirsten

This is the story of a boy from New York and a girl from Southern California (sound familiar?) who met in Oregon at law school (okay, not so familiar at all) and fell in love. And then they planned the most lovely of summer Columbia Gorge wedding celebrations and asked us to photograph it. Of [...]

How to Take Better iPhone Photos

Yes, I'm clearly an iPhone user. So this article is going to come from that perspective. That said, I'm happy to note that Android phone users have many of these same options even if I'm not very familiar with them. The point here is that I want you to take better photos of your life, [...]

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Holly + Stephen: Sneak Peek!

So... the sneak peek is supposed to just be a peek. A couple images. A sneaky little glance into what the future will hold when we can process all the images and showcase them for the happy couple to see and share. And I'm having a really tough time narrowing the images down! Maybe it's [...]

Wedding Reception in the Cave of the Aerie at Eagle Landing

Nick and Renee actually married over a year ago but had a reception on their first anniversary and asked us along for the ride. And we're so glad they did! Their wedding reception was a light-filled celebration of their marriage and it was lovely to see how a year-long-married couple chose to celebrate their union. [...]