Amy and Dan are beach people. When it came time to choose a wedding reception location, they knew they had to choose The Ocean Club and then hired us to create Atlantic Beach wedding photography for them this past weekend. At several points during their wedding portraits on the beach, bathing-suit-clad beachgoers stopped them to say hi and congratulations- and suddenly we realized Dan and Amy know these people! How’s that for making your choice of wedding venue personal and meaningful?

When it came time to choosing a few sneak peek images, we wanted to stay true to this beach-loving couple. The bridesmaids Amy chose were filled with family and friends all willing to trek up a dune for me!
atlantic beach wedding photography for amy and dan's summer wedding

Later in the evening, Amy and Dan stole away from dinner for a few minutes for a sunset walk on the beach. Obviously we were blessed with a glowy sunset! The Ocean Club looks stunning in the background at this time of day.
sunset wedding photos on atlantic beach