We’ve had the Artisan Book in our album lineup for several years, but only in the last few months have we been able to offer it in a size larger than 8X10. For the first time this year, we are also offering it in two larger sizes! We have a new sample album in the Medium 10X13 size. It’s also available in a Jumbo size of 12X15!

The Artisan Book

We should probably call it the album that is not an album. It’s a book, most closely identified with art coffee table books. The very thin pages are printed double sided. Unlike our fine art flush mount album printing or true photographic printing, it employs state of the art press printing.

press printed wedding book with over 100 pages

The benefit of this album style is certainly the number of images. We design the album with a single image per page, so every image is large if it needs to be. We can go up to 300 pages if need be, though this album has about 160 pages.

simple design in the turn loose the art artisan book

the best wedding album for many images is actually a book!

vellum overlays in the new artisan book

In this book style, we can also include vellum inserts as “chapters” for your wedding story. It’s a lovely detail for any coffee table style book and is an easy way to include more of your personal style into your wedding book.

the best wedding album for many images is actually a book!