When we first received Keri’s wedding inquiry we were intrigued. Then she and her mother came in to meet with us and told us more about their wedding plans and we started getting excited. They were having a semi-traditional wedding but infusing some 1920’s style and asked us to help them with creating art deco inspired wedding photos. We gladly agreed! It was quite some time before Keri and Nick’s wedding rolled around, but when it did, it was a dream to photograph. With Keri’s mom being a photographer herself, she helped arrange a schedule that put the photos as a priority. If you want great wedding photos, this is a good way to start getting them!

We photographed for more than an hour at the Vanderbilt Museum with the families, the bridal party and then the couple alone. We created so many beautiful portraits with a Gatsby feel for Keri and Nick, but one photo really caught our eye as an art deco inspired wedding photo.

art deco inspired wedding

Their reception venue’s bridal suite was decorated in a way that wasn’t conducive to our vision. So we just got rid of all that extras and made this portrait just about a sexy moment between the new married couple! Keri and Nick were thrilled!