Ah, the laughter and joy at Hannah and Stewart’s wedding was infectious! And so really, how could I not choose one of the photos from their ceremony as part of the sneak peek? Let’s talk about the truly personal and touching ceremony that they enjoyed at Gerding Theater at The Armory for a moment. Their mentor from college married them. Being his first wedding ceremony, he asked them to write a bit about each other and why they chose to marry.

I struggled against fully joining in with the crowd around them, alternating between laughing and tearing up as the words poured out.

It’s not often that happens for a veteran wedding photographer, not often at all. And yet here it did in such an overwhelming way! Hannah and Stew’s words to and about each other were so incredibly lovely! I’m going to try and include some when we do their official blog post in a couple months, because I think there are incredible lessons for us all in there.

touching wedding ceremony moment at Gerding Theater at the Armory

Oh… and they also had a spectacular first dance, too. The Armory kind of sets an epic setting for wide photos!

first dance at The Armory - Gerding Theater

So you know the drill, we’ll have more Gerding Theater at The Armory wedding photos coming soon when we release Hannah and Stew’s full cut!