It’s another newborn! We’ve been on a lovely little string of adorable baby photos in portland lately and we love it! And we were able to turn this newborn session into a full family portrait session as well which is even better. Sadiaka and Jay are sure to decorate their home with some of these images very soon.

Aavya is amazingly beautiful. She has such soulful eyes that speak to me. I shared this image as her first sneak peek as well and my love for it won’t dissipate! I love a baby that looks at you, really looks at you and seems to know so much. And so very early.
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adorable baby photos in portland

In the past, Sadiaka and I share a mutual annoyance over the lack of boys clothing in all the good stores since our sons arrived around the same time. Sadia was happy to finally indulge in the abundance of baby girl clothing and accessories! She had multiple outfits laid out before I arrived and a whole box of headbands and bows.

This first image is actually a little fairy set, but my favorite image from it was a little yawn Aavya gave me as we made her into the little princess.
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Aiden has been so good with Aavya! For barely being a year and half old, it’s so cute seeing his protective nature come out with her. Adoration in spades!
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Jay was able to come home from work for a little pocket of time so he could get some photos with his baby girl and family. Yay!
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Joe and I are so, so happy for the whole family and love seeing them grow.