This is your life, not a lineup!

so shouldn’t your family photos show a whole lot more of life and a bit less standing in a line?

That’s the frame you want on your wall. That’s the photograph you’ll treasure when your kids are bounding off to a first date. That’s the image they want to see when you have to remind them that, yes, they too had a crazy lisp for a whole summer while the new tooth grew in. It’s the beauty in the little things that matter, that make the art in your life!

It’s that moment you breathe in and think, “This is what makes motherhood worth it.”

You’ve given up a lot to focus on your family. And while it’s a fact that a flour-sprinkled kitchen and homemade pizza trump an afternoon board meeting – it’s still a lot of work keeping your house in harmony. When you’re covered in sticky handprints and longing for that glass of wine it’s difficult to remember it’s worth it when all you have is a pile of fake grins on your iPhone.

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That expression on your kidlet’s face?

Make sure you’ll remember THAT instead of a squinty, fake smile.

And when the kidlet looks back on this photo, he won’t just remember putting on a helmet and going for a ride – he’ll recall racing through beams of filtered light between the ancient oaks on the street. He’ll see his parents looked spectacular when he was 7 (seriously Mom, you’ve got CURVES!) and see the afternoons spent chasing each other on scooters always ended in a lot of laughter and a little sunburn. He’ll see the slight shine swell in his dad’s eyes the first time he made it out of the cul-de-sac alone. It’s confirmation your family loves hanging out together, cheeseball grins not included.

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This much laughing? It’s already yours.

A family game night playing cards while blasting oldies, a morning of digging by the river ending in an impromptu bonfire, a pebble at the shore that looks like Elmo and makes your toddler vibrate and beam. They’re the seemingly random occasions that end in the kind of laughter that gives you tears and hiccups. All the daily squabbles subside. You’re fostering a family.

Take another breath and know, “I’m a good mother.” You cultivate the memories, we’ll cover the photography.

Jumpstart your Storytelling Portrait photography in Portland with a few of our ideas:

  • Cooking a meal together, the messier the better

  • Family night of card games

  • Beach day

  • Camping with all the trimmings of s’mores

  • The first time you try to put up that tent for the camping trip you’ve never taken

  • Morning wakeup routine, waffles included

  • Gardening in the backyard

  • Fishing. Fish cleaning not included!

  • Craft projects – the stickier, the better!

  • Karaoke night for the whole fam

  • A day boating on the river

  • Skating, skateboarding, biking in the neighborhood

  • Family hike

  • Ski day

  • Family grape-picking day. You know, for the wine you make.

  • Anything else that tells a story about your family!


About Britney and Joe

We believe in the power of family photos. We believe because we so often feel the same bone-deep weary that every parent experiences daily as we walk down the stairs to begin a new day. And that’s the exact reason the first family photos we hung in the new house are on the stairs, a small, piecemeal wall gallery of little moments from the last few years.

A little smile plays across my mouth when I look at a photo of Finn, bumping along in the very same buggy his daddy once rode as a baby. You see, it was a trying day when we took Finn to the gardens a few miles away and it seemed like so much effort at the time load up the buggy, fight the thick humidity and go for a walk just to look at some flowers and trip over a ragged trail. And yet… our child loves pointing at the photo of him as a just-barely-sitting-up baby in a silly looking buggy from the 70’s. Though I know it was rough day, a rough month – I’m wild for this photograph. And so I continue the walk down the stairs, ready to take on the morning ahead.

This is what we want for you – little glimpses into this life of yours, a life unperfect, and beautifully filled with perfect moments.

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